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From pipelines to power grids, applications run the world’s infrastructure.¬† Business Service Assurance has worked for a large Chicago-based power company to enhance their Cloud Computing experience and deliver service assurance for a company-wide (tens of thousands of users) business application.¬† We reviewed their
application delivery infrastructure and provided an Application Performance Management
review. Critical 24x7 availability and performance are not only mandatory, but require
“‚Ķuncompromising effort.”


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To assure the continuity and success of critical business services for governments, enterprises, and service
providers through 24 by 7 commitment that's
fostered by thought leadership.

The phone call with twenty IT managers trying to figure out a performance issue is replaced by an APM tool that reveals "blame boundaries". This allows the front-line operations technician to quickly identify and assign the problem to the correct queue.


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