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Reliability in applications implies better risk management.

Some time ago, a phone call from a hospital arrived because their service was unavailable and they needed help.  Within hours, they were operational again due to the fact that BSA’s team had the answer.

In the healthcare businesses risk management is fundamentally important.  BSA helped a
division of Cardinal Health achieve a new platform for operations that included formulary, licensing and invoicing solutions.  Reliability in applications implies better risk management. 
As applications shift to cloud computing the need for business service assurance becomes
more than important, it is then central to customer experience management.  BSA know
how can drive application quality of service.

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To assure the continuity and success of critical business services for governments, enterprises, and service
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Service Level Agreements are becoming more important and are being enforced by companies under competitive considerations. Instead of a random event being measured (such as a synthetic transaction) the CA Customer Experience Manager measures the mean and distribution of all transactions.


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