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Application Service Assurance based on CA Wily Introscope

In a business where the commodity bought, sold, and transacted is money there is no such thing as a “mulligan”.  A service that is not done right will not survive.  Our Business Service Assurance mission is “…uncompromising…” as our experience with some of the world’s largest banks has taught.


Our customers such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., rely on services that benefited from the
expertise of BSA.  We helped implement an application service assurance practice based upon CA Wily Introscope that currently monitors the success of many of the largest and most important transactions every second of every day.


At Fiserv, BSA was there to improve the Customer Experience Management environment, using tools and representing CA Technologies.  A company that depends on business transactions knows that business transaction monitoring is necessary.  Fiserv depends on BSA to help
create a successful network quality of service environment.


BSA can help steer a cost-efficient path for application performance management.


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To assure the continuity and success of critical business services for governments, enterprises, and service
providers through 24 by 7 commitment that's
fostered by thought leadership.

Stakeholders are aware that IT performance matters. A report that shows how many times customers successfully completed banking transactions is much more interesting because it speaks to the success of the business purpose of the application.


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