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Quality of Service is Fundamental

A leader in technology can be slowed by performance issues, that’s why Cox Communications turned to Business Service Assurance (BSA)’s team to assist in Application Performance Management (APM).  Critical applications that govern customer-facing operations are monitored for Service Assurance 24x7 to proactively discover abnormalities.  Quality of service is fundamental to reduced outages and improved customer experience. 
As a result, CCI is able to measure and resolve problems early.
Media companies depend on technology to be successful, that’s why they turn to BSA.

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To assure the continuity and success of critical business services for governments, enterprises, and service
providers through 24 by 7 commitment that's
fostered by thought leadership.

A single comprehensive dashboard, often referred to as the "single pane of glass", showing the aggregate application status is key to demonstrating the value of APM.


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