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Improved Quality of Service Management.

Trucks, trains and airplanes provide services that run 24x7 through almost circumstances.  The business applications that aid those services must be there, too.  Business Service Assurance (BSA) worked with Hertz to enhance the application pipeline.

Where applications are core to the business, then business transaction monitoring must be central as well.  BSA helps you with performance management, so executives can make
informed decisions founded in reports like the at Hertz.

At Norfolk-Southern, the Thoroughbred of Transportation™ was advised by BSA to improve Quality of Service management.   At every turn, the fundamentals of transportation depend
on service assurance, and BSA has the experience to drive applications down the highway.

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To assure the continuity and success of critical business services for governments, enterprises, and service
providers through 24 by 7 commitment that's
fostered by thought leadership.

Much as the transportation of goods is monitored by software, so software is monitored by APM. The transit time of business transactions in software often is of comparable value to the success of an organization as moving the product itself.


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